Sun Safety

Sun Safety

Protection from UV radiation is important all year round, even on cloudy or cold days. UV radiation can even reflect off water, sand, and snow. Below are some tips on sun safety:

  • Use sunscreen. Pick a broad spectrum sunscreen (one which blocks both UVA and UVB rays) with an SPF 30 or higher. Apply liberally, remembering to reapply every 2 hours.

  • Cover up as much as possible. Wear long sleeved shirts and long pants whenever possible. Darker colors and denser fabric with tighter weaves offer more protection. Some clothing are even designed to offer sun protection and have incorporated UPF (Ultraviolet Protective Factor) into their fabrics.

  • Wear a wide brimmed hat to offer protection to your scalp, ears, face, and neck.

  • Wear sunglasses as UV rays can damage your eyes.

  • Don’t forget the feet. As the tops of the feet can be damaged from unprotected sun exposure, wear shoes that cover the feet whenever possible. If wearing flip flops, sandals, or going barefoot, don’t forget to apply sunscreen to the tops of the feet.

  • Seek shade. Seeking shade under an umbrella, tent, or tree can reduce the amount of UV radiation reaching your skin.

  • Limit the time in the sun. Avoid peak hours between 10am and 4pm when the sun’s rays are the strongest

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