At Sage Dermatology & Mohs Surgery, we value our patients' experience. Read below what our happy clients say about us!

  • Dr, Brimhall and staff are wonderful!

    - Janet P.
  • Dr. Brimhall and her staff are superb!

    - Sandra L
  • Dr. Brimhall is an amazing doctor! She is so caring and gentle and very caring!

    - Nancy C.
  • Dr. Brimhall is full of life and it was refreshing to be treated by her.

    - Kyle C.
  • Dr. Angela Brimhall is an amazing dermatologist. She is very competent, listens very empathically and has a great strategy for the BEST treatment plan.

    - Chris H.
  • First time patient and was treated with great respect and given time that meant a great deal to me. I would recommend Dr. Brimhall; she's great.

    - Dennis P.
  • Fast Fair and friendly. Dr. Brimmhall and staff are great !! Love you but I don't want to see you for a while.


    - Bob S.
  • Dr. Angela Brimhall is the best, I’m so glad I found her, she really cares about her patients.

    - Tom C.
  • Dr Brimhall is terrific...very professional, but personable at the same time!. Highly recommend her to anyone for dermatology treatment.

    - Fred D.
  • Great staff, beautiful office, and Dr. Brimhall was awesome! Professional, caring and thorough. Would recommend her and her staff to anyone I know.

    - Jennifer R.
  • I am the Head Golf Professional at Fore Lakes Golf Course. Over the course of a season, I am out in the sun frequently. Sunscreen is important and I also get a full body check once a year. Dr. Angela Brimhall is amazing! I recommend Swinyer-Woseth Dermatology to everyone.

    - Jason A.
  • Dr. Angela Brimhall is amazing. Very thorough and has great bedside manner.

    - Shelly W.
  • Great experience with Dr. Brimhall, as always 😊.

    - Kathy R.
  • Angela Brimhalll is an angel! Thank you!

    - Kristi M.
  • I have had skin cancer since I was 21, and i'm now 70. A busy and challenging career resulted in several physical moves and hence, many different dermatologists. I have been seeing Dr Brimhall at Swinyer-Woseth Dermatology for the last 8 years. She is, without question, the most competent and pleasant dermatologist I have worked with. She also found my first melanoma, so I am deeply grateful to her. I have also found the staff to be very nice and easy to work with. I'm happy to give Dr Brimhall and Swinyer-Woseth Dermatology 5 stars without hesitation.

    Show More - Clint A.
  • I have been seeing Dr. Angela Brimhall in this office for acne issues over the past 2 years, and my skin has never looked better! Many people have complimented my skin's clarity, and it always makes me happy to tell them it was all thanks to Swinyer - Woseth Dermatology. I have family members who are patients of other doctors in the office as well, and we have all had wonderful experiences and results. Dr. Brimhall is kind, knowledgeable, professional, and patient; she takes the time to answer every question I have. All of the above can also be said of her medical assistants, and I am constantly impressed with everyone's helpfulness and the kind care I receive. This is truly the best dermatology office I have come across in quite some time, and I certainly won't be going anywhere else!

    Show More - Liz K.
  • My family and I have been going to SWD for years. They were able to successfully treat a family member for melanoma and have assisted me with my own derm needs, from cosmetic to pathologic. Staff is friendly, efficient, and run ontime. And Dr Brimhall is amazing! Very kind kind and knowledgeable. Highly recommend this practice!

    Show More - Claire D
  • I love Dr. Brimhall and everyone else here. Such a great group of experts and I’ve seen fantastic results with my treatments. Thanks!

    - Ashley M.
  • Young professional dermatologists were extremely knowledgeable and progressive. they are skilled and procedures that go beyond cosmetic dermatology. I would recommend Dr. Hadji and Dr. Brimhall to anyone. administratively, they work hard but seemed overwhelmed at times. But hey, if you are good in any profession (especially medical), these days, you are a bit overwhelmed.

    Show More - James P.
  • Dr. Brimhall is fantastic. She is very thorough and has a wonderful way about her. Top notch all the way!

    - Joe M.
  • Hearing that you have "cancer" is a very scary, overwhelming feeling, so having the right people around you as you treat it is critical. I had surgery to remove a malignant melanoma with Dr. Brimhall. She was AMAZING in every single way! She took a great deal of time explaining my procedure, exploring options to proceed, answering questions and concerns, and making me feel confident and at ease. I left my surgery with a 9 inch incision but now have clean margins... no more cancer!!! 🎉 My incision is healing beautifully and will serve as nothing but a positive reminder of the blessing of good health and gratitude for tremendous doctors that save lives. Thank you Dr. Brimhall and staff. You truly are amazing!!

    Show More - Jennifer S.
  • Dr. Brimhall and staff provide excellent care. I currently take my daughter to Dr. Brimhall. She has an excellent bedside manner as well as being proficient medically. The best of both worlds. I would highly recommend her!

    - Leslie R.
  • I love working we Dr. Angela she is professional, answers any questions, and goes over any bumps/moles she comes a crossed to explain them better and if I should be concerned.

    - Angela V.
  • I'm always hesitant anytime I go to any kind of doctor, I get very anxious & sometimes back out. Especially if I'm embarrassed, which I was because my visit was for acne, I showed up & followed through with my appointment & I'm so happy I did. The minute I was back in the room my medical assistant Shane couldn't have been more calming and easy to talk to. I immediately felt comfortable, and when Dr. Brimhall came in she was incredible! Extremely friendly & warm, I didn't feel completely on the spot with this huge problem. Overall the best experience I've had.

    Show More - Holly P.
  • Excellent care. I highly recommend Dr. Brimhall and everyone at the clinic.

    - Jan M.
  • The clinic is extremely clean, easy to access, and all staff is incredible. Dr. Brimhall remembers me and is very engaging during the appointment.

    - Cole H.
  • Dr. Brimhall is an amazing, thorough and professional Dermatologist. Take it from a guy who hates needles, cuts (all of which i've had from this Doc)...Dr. Brimhall is very good at what she does and I wouldn't trust anyone else with my frequent checkups and treatments.

    - Alain V.
  • Doctor Brimhall is wonderful. It was my first time meeting with her for a mole/skin check. She was very thorough, and although the appointment was quick, she paid great attention to my questions and concerns during the visit. She explained how to use certain medications she was going to prescribe and made me feel important and worth her time. Her medical assistant was super nice as well and took time to even write some instructions down for me so I wouldn’t forget. I’d highly recommend Doctor Brimhall!

    Show More - Liz P.
  • Dr. Brimhall is always professional, friendly and thorough during my visit.

    - Frankie G.
  • Usually run on time and Dr. Brimhall always does a great job on my annual whole body survey.

    - Susana J.
  • I have gone to Angela Brimhall for quite a few years and she is the best. She is thorough, skilled and very professional. I highly recommend her.

    - Rhonda A.
  • Dr. Brimhall is amazing! She has really helped me clear up my skin and manage scalp issues. She’s definitely worth the wait for an appointment.

    - Holly H.
  • Dr. Brimhall was great. She addressed my issues, explained the treatment & what to expect. The only downside of the appointment was the time I waited for the doctor.

    - Anonymous
  • I started with this clinic with Michael Swinyer when they were located next to St. Marks Hospital. I now see Dr. Woseth and my mother sees Dr. Brimhall. We have had great experience with all the providers here. I refer all my friends and family here too. Wonderful office and I feel very well taken care of.

    Show More - Mandy K.
  • Treatment very successful. Dr. Brimhall offered helpful information.

    - Eleanor S.
  • I've had amazing visits here over the past year with Dr. Woseth, and then surgery plus follow ups with Dr. Angela Brimhall. By amazing, I mean taking time with me to fully explain my options plus feeling fully supported when diagnosed with stage I melanoma as well as during my surgery all the way through to the cheerful front desk staff. I've had the most experience with Dr. Brimhall and I must say, she has wonderful, calm and positive bedside manner!

    On a final note, the offices are beautiful, which also contributes, even if secondarily to the wonderful staff when dealing with scary diagnoses and surgery!! Thank you!

    Show More - Ellen Z.
  • Kind and considerate, helpful staff. Always ready to assist. Dr. Brimhall has made me feel comfortable and safe in her care. I would recommend her for everyone.

    - Debi C.
  • Great doctors and staff at this clinic. They take interest in your well being. Especially liked Dr. Brimhall and Jessica T. who did my surgery.

    - James N.
  • I've been seeing Dr. Brimhall for a few years and very happy with her. However a year ago she wasn't available so I saw the PA for a spot under my arm that I thought maybe eczema. At the time I saw her it wasn't inflamed and she dismissed it. After the visit it continued to bother me and I ended up making another appointment but made sure it was with Dr Brimhall. She took a sample and it ended up a basal cell carcinoma. I feel she is a great doctor and will continue seeing her.

    Show More - Frankie G.
  • This is a great place for your dermatology needs. Dr. Angela Brimhall is an excellent doctor with a friendly and caring personality! The staff has always been friendly and helpful and have treated me with professional customer service!

    - Frankie G.
  • I have been going here for years and am always satisfied with their level of care. Angela Brimhall is a great dermatologist and very personable. My husband just recently saw one of the other dermatologists there and they found a melanoma on his foot, which he initially had removed there and then surgically removed with an oncologist later. Glad they caught it. We'll continue to patronize this business! Highly recommend!

    Show More - Jenny R.


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